Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown under certain circumstances and controlled from different certified organizations. Compared to common grown cotton the use of toxic herbicides or pesticides are avoided, to offer an organic and toxin free product. Our garments are made of only 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton, which is grown organically and free of toxins. In combination with our unique natural dyeing you get a nature product from highest quality. More informations about “Natural Dyeing“.

This cotton is softer and of better quality than conventional grown cotton and feels better on your skin. Furthermore no toxins can be absorbed by the skin from wearing these products. Skin irritations or contact allergies which can occur while wearing toxic clothing are non-existent. Our organic cotton is pre-shrinked that means that MARGA garments don’t get smaller after washing.

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Environmental Clean

Which benefits offers organic cotton? The biggest advantage lays in the reduction or avoidance of toxic chemicals from the growing process to finished fabric. There is no risk to absorb toxins over the skin from wearing organic cotton clothing. Also chemical bleaching or other chemical cleanses are avoided. MARGA products are the best solution for people who are conscious what they are wearing and want to reduce unnecessary toxic impacts on their bodies. Get your natural piece now and convince yourself from our quality. Stay clean.

Another point is the environment and the farmers or workers, on which additional stress or hazardous poisons are reduced. Also the living population benefits from clean rivers and therefore more fishes. Additionally due to the organic growing method half of the water is used to water the organic cotton in comparison to common growing. Farmers save precious drinking water which they need for themself and the community. Buying our organic products makes not only your life better but helps making farmers, workers and the community life better and all the environment in that area.